Name: :   Jim Hanzakos
Rate/Rank: :   CTT3
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   4/21/17
Comment Box: :   Sorry cant make it to Missouri. I rode with some of you in 1963. I think we drank a lot of beer on Adak after Midnight. LOL Thanks to the big guy who carried me back. I still remember drinking my HONORARY Dolphins that night. It had been a very long WESTP
Name: :   John Matos
Rate/Rank: :   RM3 (SS)
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   3/24/2017
Comment Box: :   Try to get a flight there. I messed up. Going to Las Vega with wife 5/7 THROUGH 5/12 for my 60th Birthday. Ill keep trying to get up there to reunion. 512-628-0163 if anyone wants to call.
Name: :   Howard J Anderson
Rate/Rank: :   Lt,SC,USN,RET, (SS) silver
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   17 Dec 2016
Comment Box: :   I was OIC COMSTOREREAGIONSUBICBAY from 1975 t0 Sept 1977. In 1976 my wife (managed Navy Lodge) & I went out on Grayback for 200th birthday of USA. She was on the planes for 999th dive prior to overhaul. What a great day. She always had room at the Lodge f
Name: :   Elwood Bart Pederson
Rate/Rank: :   FTG-2 SS
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   12-11-16
Comment Box: :   served aboard from late1961 to early 1963 worked on the missle guidance system with A.P. Severence and Doug Sorenson
Name: :   Stephen Johnson
Rate/Rank: :   ENC (SS/DV1)
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   JAN. 1972 - DEC. 1975
Comment Box: :   The best years of my life. came aboard as fireman left as EN2 (SS/DV2) The fuel & Water King for the last 2 yrs on board
Name: :   Kent Biser
Rate/Rank: :   EM 1 SS/ESWS
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   11-30-2016
Comment Box: :   looking forward to coming to the reunion next yesr.
Name: :   David Stephens
Rate/Rank: :   STSCS(SS)
E-mail Address: :   dave@tstar.nnet
Date: :   10/25/16
Comment Box: :   My first qual boat 50+ years ago,(1962 I think) made three patrols, one of them back to back. Learned a lot about life during my time on her.
Name: :   Beth Johnston
Rate/Rank: :   
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   1Oct16
Comment Box: :   In memory of Charles Bloomer
Name: :   W. M. Slack
Rate/Rank: :   LCDR USN Ret.
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   07/23/2014
Comment Box: :   I was the Ship Superintendent for the Grayback PSA at SRF Yokosuka, Japan. What ever happened to Don OShea and Frank Dugwilla?
Name: :   Carol costello
Rate/Rank: :   
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   7/16/16
Comment Box: :   I am the wife of Don Costello. Don died in 2000 from cancer but he sure loved the Grayback and the crew he served with. He died from cancer in 2000 due to Agent Orange exposures in Vietnam. We were married for 23 years and I still miss him and consider th
Name: :   Lyle Staufer
Rate/Rank: :   QM2 (SS) CTM8
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   6/29/2016
Comment Box: :   
Name: :   Mike Redeen
Rate/Rank: :   HMCS(DSW/SS)
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   June 8, 2016
Comment Box: :   Served onboard from January 1982 to January 1984. My first tour out of dive school has a young HM3.Hope you all are doing well. Doc
Name: :   nelson kick
Rate/Rank: :   LCDR
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   02-22-2016
Comment Box: :   served as XO July 78 till Nov 79.
Name: :   Jim Harrelson
Rate/Rank: :   GS2[MT](SS)
E-mail Address: :   no change
Date: :   5/29/58-5/10/60
Comment Box: :   Just want to thanks the Reunion Committee and the ladies for another Great reunion. It was good to visit with the SSG former shipmates and crew members, and ALSO with the LPSS crew members; I found them to be just as good submariners as the SSG crew was
Name: :   Hayden Spalding
Rate/Rank: :   BMCM/MDV
E-mail Address: :
Date: :   Jan 81 - Apr 82
Comment Box: :   An interesting tour.
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