Your Name :   Larry Gorman
Boat Name :   Inukshuk 2
Size/Hull No :   26 no hull ID (sail #1019)
Home Port :   Midland Ont Canada
Email (Optional) :   see elsewhere
Date of Visit :   18 Aug 17
Log Entry :   Just having another look at site for update info. Tx Great Site
Your Name :   Richard Bruce Jones
Boat Name :   Genie
Size/Hull No :   26785
Home Port :   Belleville Ontario
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   Aug. 17 2017
Log Entry :   This old girl keeps on Sailing with another new owner.
Your Name :   Stephanie Singh
Boat Name :   Innisfree III
Size/Hull No :   G26 Hull No 346
Home Port :   Port Credit
Email (Optional) :   
Date of Visit :   June 3 2017
Log Entry :   Love the site! Thanks so much for keeping it running. Has proved so useful and informative. Im not sure if this is the right place but Id love to get my info added to the inventory list. :) Innisfree III has a fixed keel, a 2003 Honda 9.9 O/B motor, an
Your Name :   Ross Todd
Boat Name :   MahNa MahNa
Size/Hull No :   G26, 943
Home Port :   CFSA, Victoria BC
Email (Optional) :   
Date of Visit :   April 12, 2017
Log Entry :   I have owned my boat for 6 years and visiting this webpage many times at the beginning. I havent been here for a while and thought Id take another look around. Im looking at selling MahNa MahNa and hope to list her on this webpage.
Your Name :   Richard Sims
Boat Name :   Clio
Size/Hull No :   23. null 92
Home Port :   Nanaimo BC, Canada
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   March 6, 2017
Log Entry :   Hi,Im the new owner (caregiver) for Grampion 23, hull 92, named Clio. Im not sure if this is where I should be leaving info for an inventory update, but hopefully someone will let me know if this is the wrong place. I have to say that Clio, atv44 years of
Your Name :   Jack Doherty
Boat Name :   Moonspinner2
Size/Hull No :   Triangle 32
Home Port :   Owen Sound
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   Feb. 26, 2017
Log Entry :   Nice to look around again and see if there were any new entries for Triangle 32s. I am 82 years old and still love to sail on MY BOAT!!
Your Name :   Lawrence Smith
Boat Name :   Walkabout
Size/Hull No :   Classic 31/ #10
Home Port :   Sparrows Point
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   22 January 2017
Log Entry :   New caretaker of one the early boats!Im stoked!Please update your records reflecting this boat.
Your Name :   Larry Gorman
Boat Name :   INUKSHUK II
Size/Hull No :   26 One of Last-Sail # 1019
Home Port :   Midland Ontario Canada
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   27dec 2016
Log Entry :   Gramp 26 Prov Reg 10E8985 Launch1982 Summerstown Ontario (Near Cornwall) One of last two ever built. No Reg ID on transom. 3 more Gramp 26 @ MBSC. ite is an amazing documentation etc of Grampian Sailboats.
Your Name :   Brian Hollingworth
Boat Name :   Destiny
Size/Hull No :   G26
Home Port :   St Catharines Marina, ON
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   14 August 2016
Log Entry :   This is vessel number 696 in your inventory, built in 1974 now with a Togatsu 8HP ourboard. Has a fixed keel and is the boat formerly owned by Bill & Susan White of the Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club, ON.
Your Name :   Dennis Whitman
Boat Name :   SEEBEE
Size/Hull No :   34 #26
Home Port :   Southport,NC
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   060516
Log Entry :   Hello ,This visit should have been made in march 2011, I purchased the (SEEBEE) from Bob Zeller at that time. Since that date I have been remodeling her to fit my live aboard needs. Have a lot of pictures and other info,I look forward to getting it all ou
Your Name :   Richard Powers
Boat Name :   Jenny Rose
Size/Hull No :   26349
Home Port :   Tybee Island, GA
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   6/5/2016
Log Entry :   Purchase my first sailboat in November 2015. A 1972 Grampian 26. Ive visited website many times since then.. By far its the best source of Grampian information on the net.
Your Name :   Charles Barrette
Boat Name :   Tradition
Size/Hull No :   26
Home Port :   ville-Marie, Lake Temiscamingue
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   17 may 2016
Log Entry :   putting in water 19 May
Your Name :   Kevin Collins
Boat Name :   Soaring Eagle
Size/Hull No :   G30 hull 157
Home Port :   Punta Gorda FL.
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   4/28/22016
Log Entry :   Just checking out site and faqs
Your Name :   John Blood
Boat Name :   Chessies Revenge
Size/Hull No :   30ft ve terboard
Home Port :   Edgewater, MD
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   3-9-2016
Log Entry :   Good site. Thanks. I am retoring her. Eventually I will be adding electric drive (because I can). I am going to sail the Bay and photograph its history from the Bay perspective to post on various web sites. I look forward to seeking ideas from this site.
Your Name :   Stephen Glass
Boat Name :   Osprey II
Size/Hull No :   G30 Hull 99
Home Port :   North Bay Yacht Club
Email (Optional) :
Date of Visit :   March 6, 2016
Log Entry :   Last year replaced all thru hulls, gas tank, drive shaft, repaired rudder, installed compass, plotter, knot meter, radio, wind speed/direction, dripless shaft seal, mainsail. This year, will mostly sail, but thinking about refinishing hull. Glad this site
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