Name :   Ariella
From :   Jakarta
Comments :   wah, Ed, kamu hebat deh...bisa buat karya2 yang detail dan moveable antar pertemuan sendi-nya. kaya-nya spesialis di bidang ini yah... :) Good luck and keep try to reach new imagines.

Name :   Aldo
From :   ALdo

Name :   alexander
From :   costa rica
Comments :   man you rock, im starting the gunpla way , but your work is so marvelous!! keep the good work! o yes if you can help me with some tips i will appreciate it, here in my country isn´t a lot of gunpla modelers, my mail, if you can´t dont

Name :   Sen Alejo
From :   Las Vegas, NV
Comments :   Love your work. Especially the Delta Type 100. I wanted to ask you how you did the deep panel lines. Ive been trying but cant seem to get it right. Any tips would be much appreciated.

Name :   BW
From :   Jakarta
Comments :   cool!!! Kai yosh

Name :   Rickymaru™
From :   Philippines
Comments :   Ver.ED, trademarkd kits just like Katoki and Kobayashi. Now I have a reason to improve and be better. Keep it up and more power sir!

Name :   enzokabisote
From :   mechapinoy/Philippines
Comments :   sir eday can i ask you something, how did you made the hydrolic pinston on your RX-93? did you scrabuilt it sir? kindly shed some light on me sir, thanks!

Name :   rj
From :   malaysia
Comments :   wow! that was amazing! i admired u man! the customization is great! the zeta gundam that u made is like a new born zeta series...hahah...nie leh mintak jd sifu aku nie...

Name :   enzokabisote
From :   dannie
Comments :   two words...JAW DROPPING! can you share some of your techniques...pls!

Name :   dedies
From :   medan
Comments :   hebat betul!!! amazing

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