Name :   Maureen Sullivan
Comment :   Beautiful web site.....congrats on a job well done and best wishes for continued success!
Name :   Sherry Potter
Comment :   You have a wonderful website. I will be back to listen more about the Butterfly.
Name :   S
Comment :   Leaving a copy of your book on a bench in West Linton. A place where I held the hand of a woman who I will love forever
Name :   S
Comment :   All the best from a old friend
Name :   Sean M Kelly
Comment :   Hi Kathleen, I love the idea of the Butterfly book. I often refer to butterflies when working with people. Thanks for your connetion on twitter. I refer to butterflies as very positive signs in my book Dare to Dream - 9 Spiritual Lessons for Manifestin
Name :   Pam aka Gram Pam
Comment :   Hello Kathleen and fellow “Butterfly” buddies! This is a wonderful place to visit. I’m so glad that you chose to record your “Author” and “Sample”, Kathleen. It was delightfully distinctive and welcoming to hear your voice! The photographs are perfect
Name :   Amanda
Comment :   Hi Kathleen! I just wanted to thank you for writing such an insperational book. After reading it Bridget and the Flynn family have be in my thoughts constantly. I love the inner strengh that Bridget found while dealing with the hardships life handed her.
Name :   Kathleen
Comment :   Please share your comments here :-)
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