Name :   Arcest
From :   Malaysia
Comments :   Bro...sure u have a great talent in modeling.i hope can meet u 1 day and learn something about modeling.

Name :   Wildbee
From :   Celebes - Indonesia
Comments :   what a stunning works youve made so far ... just keep giving us all of youve got (skill, creativity, and genuine techniques)...

Name :   Sean Wong
From :   Singapore
Comments :   Yoz, you very selfish leh... Where are the rest of your jaw dropping works??? Come on la, dun be a fishmonger! Sean aka wingzero78 Cheers! See ya soon!

Name :   nathaniel s. barrera ( nath_1977)
From :   Philippines
Comments :   Nice meeting you again ed!

Name :   Andy
From :   Hillsboro, Oregon
Comments :   nice looking site... and stunning model kits!!! cheers!

Name :   Shippou
From :   Netmorks
Comments :   Keren abis! Gimana kalo buka tutorial class buat modelling di Jakarta? Gw pasti daftar!!! Walaupun uda terkenal & sekarang lagi di HongKong, jangan lupa bawalah selalu nama Indonesia di kelas dunia! ^_^

Name :   klay
From :   malaysia
Comments :   undeniably one of the best new pro modeller around asia pacific.. and ur name is spreading fast.. keep it up.. our community highly value talented guys like u!!!

Name :   Tantono
From :   San Francisco
Comments :   Gile pak...walaupun ane kurang ngerti tapi kayak e karyamu sudah mendunia. salut bro...

Name :   TK
From :   HongKong
Comments :   update your news more!! look forward to see more impressive stuffs from you! BSGA!!!

Name :   Angela Meritzi
From :   Guatemala
Comments :   Amazing!!!

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